Steve Russell.

Image of Steve RussellIn 2011, Steve merged two successful businesses to provide an unrivalled service for Cambridge's busy travellers under the long established name of Airport Lynx. Four years further on with the business growing, it became apparent that there was no vehicle servicing centre that would offer the same mix of attention to detail, reliability and availability for which Airport Lynx was known. The logical solution was to open a business that did exactly that. So, following Airport Lynx's move to Cottenham, Lynx Autocare was established, using the unique perspective of a demanding customer as the cornerstone of the business ethics. Despite owning and managing the companies, Steve still finds time to drive and blog (separately of course!).

His current car is a far cry from the old red mini that his dad bought him at auction, but when his lottery numbers come up, Steve will upgrade to an Aston Martin. Steve once drove all the way to the Algarve in a lorry during the summer, which must earn him an award in endurance and patience! While driving, Steve can be heard humming along to tunes on the local radio stations. He likes to be constantly updated with news from home and afar, and is interested in all sorts of topics- not just traffic reports! His favourite time to drive is 5am on a Sunday morning, with the roads to himself, no doubt his favourite drink- hot, sweet, caffeinated cappuccino - makes this time of the day more bearable!

Kerry Caldwell.

Image of Kerry CaldwellWe’re delighted to introduce Kerry Caldwell, the newest member of the Airport Lynx Team and the manager of Lynx Autocare. Kerry is a highly experienced mechanic and we’re so pleased to have him on board!

Kerry’s diagnostic skills are second to none. He spent 14 years as an AA patrolman and his stack of thank you letters from grateful customers demonstrates how good he was in this role. Kerry’s motto was to look after people first and cars second, ensuring that countless jet-setters made it home, or to the airport on time. On one memorable winter night, a stranded dad-to-be saw his child being born thanks to Kerry driving him for over an hour to the hospital!

Once he’d left behind the shift work and punishing roadside working conditions, Kerry worked at Willingham motors for 7 years, where he built up a solid reputation.

Since he joined us a few weeks ago, Kerry has serviced all of our fleet and our chauffeurs’ cars. He’s been pleased to see that all of our vehicles are kept to a high spec: well looked after and clean. He has inspected them all and concluded that they are well driven – he’d be able to tell from the tyres if they’d had a hard life! Kerry is pleased to have been welcomed into Airport Lynx and gets on really well with the chauffeurs.

Outside of work, Kerry enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. Their three boxer dogs; Milo, Lily and Dixie take up a lot of time. Dixie is a show dog who has been to Crufts and Lily is a champion mum, who will hopefully be producing her second litter of pups at Christmas. Last time there were 10 pups, which kept Kerry really busy!

We know that our customers will love the excellent service that Kerry will provide at Lynx Autocare. It’s not just a service for luxury vehicles – Please call us on 01954 430410 to find out how we can help you.